What Does a Long Minnesota Winter Mean for Your Roof?

The harsh weather we experience over a long Minnesota winter can take a toll on your roof. Learning about some of the most common winter roof issues and how to deal with them can help you keep your home and family safe, dry, and secure.

Interior Leaks Due to Ice Dams

Ice dams form when warm air from your living areas rises up through the attic and heats the underside of your snow-covered roof. As the snow melts, water runs down to the colder roof eaves, where it refreezes into ice. If this happens repeatedly, and a thick layer of ice builds up on the eaves, melting runoff has nowhere to go. This can back up under the shingles and infiltrate your attic and exterior walls.

Roof Damage from Heavy Snow Loads

A roof is more vulnerable to structural damage or collapse when wet, packed snow and layers of ice accumulate. Some of the warning signs that your roof is overstressed and needs immediate professional attention include doors/windows that won’t close properly or are difficult to open, loud creaking, popping or crackling sounds, roof leaks, and sagging.

Shingle and Flashing Deterioration

The winter freeze and thaw cycle and a build up of snow and ice can make preexisting roof problems worse. Areas with broken/missing shingles or damaged flashing can allow water from melting snow and ice into your home, where it can soak attic insulation and ruin your ceilings, drywall, wood trim, and paint.

How to Protect Your Roof From Winter Harm

Certified roofing contractors are your best source of advice on how to keep your roof safe from winter damage. They may tell you to:

  • Prevent ice dams by keeping your gutters and downspouts in good condition and debris free. Also, consider replacing the bottom three feet of shingles with a wide metal drip edge, or upgrade to metal roofing with waterproof underlayment.
  • Avert damage from heavy snow loads by having your roof inspected to ensure it’s structurally sound. To keep snow from building up, hire a professional to safely clear the roof after each major storm.
  • Avoid water intrusions that cause costly damage to your home’s interior by having your roof inspected and repairing any deficiencies before the cold weather settles.

If you need the services of certified roofing contractors in the Twin Cities to get your roof ready for winter, contact us at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows.

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