Commercial Windows in Minneapolis

commercial_windows_no text6-24Replacing old or faulty commercial windows on your property is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you can consider. Many property owners won’t bother upgrading their commercial windows unless they are in horrible disrepair – often even opting to pay for short-term repairs instead. This is a mistake for a number of reasons. The following are some of the advantages to replacing older or faulty commercial windows right away: Continue reading “Commercial Windows in Minneapolis”

Is Your Shingle Roof in Need of Repair?

storm_damage_insurance2Making sure that the roof of your St. Paul, MN home is in good shape is one of the most important tasks of owning a home. A roof that is in need of repair is one that is vulnerable to all kinds of problems, from structure issues to leak issues. The last thing you want to do is ignore the need for roof repair as this can end up costing you an even larger amount of money as the issues worsen.

Calling a roofing company like Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows is important if you suspect your roof is in need of repair.

Signs That You Are in Need of Roof Repair

There are several signs that you can look for that indicate your St. Paul home is most likely in need of roof repairs. The following are some of the signs Midwest Exteriors recommends you look for: Continue reading “Is Your Shingle Roof in Need of Repair?”

Let the Energy Star Light Your Way to Savings

Energy-Star-Building-ProductsEnergy Star building products sound almost too good to be true for Maple Grove homeowners. Imagine products that will save you money year after year, provide years of superior service and improve life on earth all at the same time. But federally recognized Energy Star building products, used by Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, Inc. really can light your way to savings and a cleaner planet. Continue reading “Let the Energy Star Light Your Way to Savings”

Customers, Certifications and Community: The Three Cs of Confidence

Think of the ideal roofing company Twin Cities residents would like to have working on their fine homes. What would the ideal contractor look like? How will a homeowner recognize a truly superior roofing company? Here are three hallmarks of a roofing company Twin Cities homeowners can hire with confidence. Continue reading “Customers, Certifications and Community: The Three Cs of Confidence”

Increase Your Eden Prairie Home’s Value With Home Improvements

eden-prairie-home-improvementsIt’s the perfect time of year in Eden Prairie to consider some exterior home improvement projects for your property. There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of after completing an improvement project. One of the biggest benefits is increasing the value of your home.

Exterior home improvements will also improve the curb appeal of your property, and can help to make your home look decades younger depending on the types of projects you decide to go with. Here are three great options Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows knows you’ll appreciate: Continue reading “Increase Your Eden Prairie Home’s Value With Home Improvements”

Choosing the Right Siding Contractor in Maple Grove

sidingWhen you decide to buy siding for your Maple Grove area home, there are many factors to take into consideration. The choice of material, the color and the style are all very important decisions that affect both your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Weather is certainly a factor, so you need a product that can withstand Upper Midwest winters and hot, humid summers. Your most important decision, however, is choosing the right siding contractor for the job. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Siding Contractor in Maple Grove”

How Do I Know If My Gutters Need Replacing?

The gutter system along your roofline provides a valuable service. Those gutters help to capture precipitation as it runs off the roof and directs it away from the foundation of the home. As with any aspect of your house, the gutter system will need replacing from time to time. Here are some tips that will help you decide if repairs or replacements are needed.resedential_gutters1 Continue reading “How Do I Know If My Gutters Need Replacing?”

Freshen Up With Interior Painting

attic_bedroom_sw-hgtvdreamhome-2One of the best ways to freshen up your home and give it a new look is to plan an interior painting project. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls of each room in your home comes with a variety of benefits. One of the biggest is that you can update your entire home for just a fraction of the cost of doing even a small renovation. Other benefits include:

The Benefits of Choosing LP SmartSide Siding

There are a lot of traditional options when it comes to deciding on the siding for your home, including traditional wood and fiber cement. However, one option that will provide you with all the benefits of wood and fiber cement siding while providing numerous other advantages are the many siding options of LP SmartSide. Continue reading “The Benefits of Choosing LP SmartSide Siding”

Leave Commercial Window Installation to the Professionals

For small businesses, every expense is significant. Any cost that can be reduced often is, in order to help your bottom line. For this reason, many small businesses are tempted to replace their own windows, especially if the owner or an employee is handy. Commercial window replacement, though, requires technical expertise and experience, and should not be attempted alone. Here is a look at why your Minneapolis business should hire professionals, like Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, when you need commercial windows installed. Continue reading “Leave Commercial Window Installation to the Professionals”