How to Choose the Best Commercial Roofing Company

When choosing a commercial roofing company for your business or  building complex, you want to make sure to choose the right team so that you get a quality roofing job that will last and also add appeal to your building. Here are a few things you can check before hiring a commercial roofing company to take care of your roofing needs. Continue reading “How to Choose the Best Commercial Roofing Company”

The Importance of Attic Insulation in Your Home

If your energy costs are out of control, poor attic insulation may be to blame. While having proper insulation is not a mandatory part of home ownership, it can help make your home more energy efficient. When your home is more efficient, it’s eases the strain on your bank account and on the environment.

Savings, Comfort and Environmental Awareness

oc_pinkpanther_house_Picture 1Insulation creates a barrier between the heated and unheated spaces in your home, which keeps the air from seeping out. This allows your heating and cooling system to work more efficiently. The end results of this are cooler temperatures in the summer, and warmer temperatures in the winter. Continue reading “The Importance of Attic Insulation in Your Home”

Steel Siding: Invest in Your Future

house_with_Emco_sidingOther than your roof, the siding you choose for your home or business will be one of the largest investments you make. There are many options to choose from including vinyl, stucco, wood, stone, and more. Each material has its own advantages, benefits, and ideal installation applications.

Steel siding is a common choice among homeowners and business owners for it’s strength and durability. Steel is thicker and stronger than aluminum making it more durable and dent resistant, and it has a greater lifespan than either vinyl or aluminum – some steel siding products are built to last 50 years or more! Continue reading “Steel Siding: Invest in Your Future”

The Importance of Ventilation

While talking about the importance of ventilation,the idea of having fresh air flow through your house seems odd as we are getting ready to move into the winter, but it is an important consideration for the months ahead.  Any advantages your home might have in how well it is insulated can be undone if it isn’t also properly ventilated. Continue reading “The Importance of Ventilation”

Roofing Storm Chasers

After a violent storm hits, like the one that unleashed hail and damaging winds in Eden Prairie, Edina, and Bloomington earlier this summer, homeowners and business owners are concerned about the condition of their roofs. Within days of the storms passing doors start being knocked on, calls start being received, and flyers and business cards from roofing contractors start to arrive. This can bring a feeling of relief because industry professionals are reaching out to you and offering to help you out by assessing your roof and telling you that they can get you a roof for FREE! While many of these are legitimate roofing businesses operating in your community, there are some that follow the storms, roofer gypsies or roofing storm chasers that come in for a time after the storm then move to the next area attacked by a storm. Continue reading “Roofing Storm Chasers”

Hail Storms Impact Roofs in Eden Prairie and the Twin Cities

Hailstones_in_handOn August 6, 2013 the Twin Cities experienced a destructive supercell thunderstorm event that produced 1”-2” hailstones and high wind damage throughout the region, tracking along I-94 from south of Fargo to Eau Claire. Power was lost and vehicles were damaged throughout Eden Prairie, Edina, St. Louis Park, and Bloomington.  Thankfully, although the storm’s rotating nature caused the National Weather Service to issue several tornado warnings, no tornadoes were reported. Among the result of that hail storm were roofs of houses, businesses, apartments, garages and more, that took a real beating. We expect these roofs to cover us, to protect us from the storms of life, but a hail storm like this one takes a toll on these roofs. Continue reading “Hail Storms Impact Roofs in Eden Prairie and the Twin Cities”

GAF Master Elite St. Paul Roofing Contractor

Looking for a St. Paul Roofing Contractor?

Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows is a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, but why is that important when considering a new roof for your St Paul home or business?

GAF is the largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing materials in North America. They provide training and certification programs to roofing contractors and industry professionals. By using factory-certified contractors you eliminate the risk of your roof being installed improperly by individuals calling themselves roofers who are here today, but can’t be found if there is a problem. Continue reading “GAF Master Elite St. Paul Roofing Contractor”

Lead Renovation Project in Mound, MN

The Project:

Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows recently finished a lead renovation project in Mound, MN.  This was a home that was built before 1978 and needed a complete lead renovation.  The customer called us for roof replacement and siding replacement.  We worked with the customer to find out their needs and brought it to life.

Steel Siding & Asphalt Roofing

Lead Safety Practices:

Because the home was built before 1978 we needed to follow the EPA’s guidelines for renovation with lead involved.  The home was tested positive for lead.  Lead is not an issue unless it is flaking and peeling off, however when replacing siding we need to protect the outside of the home.  In order to do this we lay out tarps from the house to collect any and all siding and paint chips from hitting the ground.  Doing this doesn’t take much more time, it is the right thing to do!  Plus, when we are all done the homeowner’s landscaping looks the same as when we started.

When the siding is removed we wrap up the pieces with a sheet of poly(commonly used on the inside of a home) to wrap up the siding.  Doing this ensures that no lead will fall into the yard while transporting the garbage to the dumpster.  After all the siding is removed we then clean up the area with a HEPA vacuum.  After everything is cleaned up we do testing to make sure that the area is free from lead.


On this home, Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows installed steel siding from Edco and an asphalt roof from GAF.  Work was completed very quickly and the homeowner was very pleased.

James Hardie Siding and Accessories

Tired of rotten wood? James Hardie Siding might be right for you!

James Hardie has worked to develop superior remodeling products, focusing entirely on fiber cement since the 1970’s. Their fiber cement siding, soffit, fascia, and trim is primarily made up of the raw materials wood fiber, water, sand and cement.  This platform helps them keep a very durable product.  Due to the structure of James Hardie products, homeowners can trust in the low maintenance aspect of the siding and accessories. Continue reading “James Hardie Siding and Accessories”

The Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair

We recently had the opportunity to participate in the Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair at the Burroughs Community School in Minneapolis, MN.

The Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair is a fun, casual get together for the community that helps educate homeowners on home improvement options. Two of our estimators, Aaron Hinton and Micah Driskell, along with some helpful hands from friends and family, set up and operated the booth for Midwest.

Our booth comprised of many different product samples and literature for roofing, siding, windows, insulation and ventilation, and more for the adults to browse over, while we offered some entertainment for the kids. Owens Corning was wonderful for lending us their life size Pink Panther costume (representing their logo) that a few of our representatives were able to switch off wearing. The kids just loved it! We also did some face painting and had a coloring page for the kids to color there or bring home. A local restaurant in Minneapolis, Rusty Taco, provided lunch for all and seemed to be enjoyed by many, as the turnout for the fair was great!

Our estimators both agree that the Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair had a very upbeat and friendly environment, with a staff that was prepared to offer assistance if needed.

When asked about what surprised him about the fair, our estimator Aaron Hinton said, “People were very interested and excited to explore their home improvement options, especially insulation, ventilation products and issues.” Aaron walked the homeowners through the benefits of insulation and what energy efficiency means for a home, primarily lowering heating costs. He stated that insulating your home is the “number one thing you can do to your home that will pay for itself.”

We look forward to participating in the Southwest Journal Home Improvement Fair next year for a third consecutive time!