Prepare Your Home for a Warm & Cozy Autumn

fall roof repair and other home improvement ideas

As the leaves are starting to fall and change their color, and with winter just around the corner in Maple Grove , you might be looking for something to prepare you for fall, or just something to make your residence seem a little warmer. So here are some ideas to cozy up your home for the upcoming cooler weather.

Solar Lights for Your Walkway

Installing solar lights is an easy, and inexpensive way to keep your walkway, garden, deck, and your yard safe at night. With no wires and no power outlets needed, they absorb light from the top solar panel during the day, and illuminate the outdoors at night. These efficient lights can be either be put into the ground by a stake, or they may be hung like a lantern.

Frost Proof Your Outdoor Faucets

Having a pipe burst because of the extreme cold is not something most homeowners would like to deal with. While most of your plumbing is protected by insulation in the indoors, an outdoor hose faucet is left vulnerable in the cold. Well, there is a solution for this and it only takes a few hours to fix. You can pick up a freeze-proof faucet at your local Maple Grove preferred hardware store.

Pumpkin and Gourd Decor

To preserve pumpkins and gourds to last the entire cool season outside, first give them a wash in 1 cup bleach to 10 cups water. Be sure to leave the stems pointing upwards to prevent them from bobbing up. Leave them sit in the bath for an hour. Take them out, and polish with petroleum jelly. Set them out on your porch, front steps, or outdoor walkway to add some color.

Composting in Maple Grove

Raking all of the leaves that fall, and throwing them away bag after bag is tiresome and expensive, have you ever thought of composting? It is easy to build a compost at the edge of your yard, even in the suburbs! Dump the dead leaves in your compost bin and let the earth do the job. Then, in Spring, you can use it as soil for a small flower or vegetable garden.

Preventing Drafts

Check around your doors and windows for cracked or missing caulking that may have occurred over summer. Remove damaged caulking and recaulk to eliminate drafts to help keep your home’s warmth in. To make sure that your job was successful, take a lit candle, or burning incense stick around the inside of where you sealed, if the candle does not flicker or the smoke does not waver your job is done.

Save Money and Stay Warm

A small effort in heating maintainence will save you money this autumn. Changing the filters in your furnace will help it run more efficiently and keep you snug. Furnace filters are usually under 20 dollars and can be found right in Maple Grove’s hardware stores.

Local Help Available

For roof repair, gutters or siding solutions before winter sets in, contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows Inc. for expert advice and quality work.

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