8 Qualities To Help You Pick The Best Roofer

No teacher in high school taught you how to pick the best roofer. You own a home, but that does not instantly make you an expert in home ownership. How do you evaluate a roofing contractor? Try looking for these eight traits of the very best roofers. 

1: In Order

Make sure your prospective roofer has all papers in order: 

  • State licenses
  • Workers Compensation insurance
  • Liability insurance

Your roofer may also have to pull permits for substantial work on your Twin Cities home. Be certain your roofer knows that process and will perform it for you. Other vital papers a good roofer will have include certifications by renowned roofing materials manufacturers such as Owens Corning and GAF. Training certifications are also a boon. 

2: Local Presence

A good roofer is no good for you if the crew has to travel out of state to install your roof. What happens when you need a callback (a return visit to address small issues), or you want annual inspection and maintenance? You need a nearby roofer, a local member of your community. 

A good roofer has a real, local, physical address. The contractor has a history of working in your area, without subcontractors or day crews. 

3: References

Dependable, local roofers develop a loyal customer base. They are proud to show off their work and provide solid references from satisfied customers. They can provide addresses of recent projects, so you can drive by and get a look at the quality of their installations. The people you trust recommend them

4: Talking and Listening

Good contractors in any trade (exterior services, roofing, insulation) are also good communicators. They talk clearly and listen carefully. Your telephone calls are returned promptly. Your questions are answered thoughtfully. 

All the interaction between you, the client, and the roofer, your contractor, shows how valuable you are to that contractor. You sense respect and honor in every exchange. Why would you want to be treated any other way? 

5: Hands On, Feet On

When a roofing contractor makes a site visit, expect the representative to be hands on and feet on. That free inspection should include a visit to your home’s attic. The representative should be willing to get down and really check your roof, sheathing, insulation, and gutters for any issues. 

That means walking on your roof. That is not something you should do — leave the dangerous roof walking to the trained professional. But expect a good roofer to have a representative willing to thoroughly inspect your roof. 

6: Reasonable Payment Terms

Storm chasers and the unscrupulous contractors — Chuck with a Truck or Dan with His Van — will ask for full payment up front, before a hammer is swung. Reputable roofers ask for roughly one third of the estimated cost of your roofing project up front. This is used to buy some of the materials needed for your project. 

Roofers do not have warehouses brimming with shingles in every color and style. They have to order them, and that takes time. Expect to pay no more than one-third of the cost at the time you sign the contract. Then, you will pay one-third when that first hammer swings, and final payment at the end of the project. 

7: Written and Fair Estimate

The best roofers provide detailed estimates when bidding for your roofing project. The estimate includes a Scope of Work. This is a detailed, line-by-line description of the work to be done. It includes quantities of materials (so many squares of your selected shingle, so many rolls of underlayment, etc.). 

Use the written estimate to compare with at least two other roofers. If the other bidders do not provide the same level of detail, you have found your best roofer. 

8: Fair Pricing

Quality is an investment. The best roofers do not always try to underbid other roofers. Such a race to the bottom ends with contractors going out of business and disgruntled customers suing for poor work. 

The best roofer charges what is needed to perform the work well. A truism among roofers is that the very best roofer can install a modestly priced roof very well, while the worst roofer can ruin a tremendously expensive roof. Which would you rather have — a poorly installed, cheap roof, or a fairly priced, long-lasting roof? 

The best roofing contractor instills a hands-on approach into every employee. Everyone is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, from the highly experienced management team to the newest member of a roofing crew. The best roofer delivers far more value for the quoted price than any other roofer. 

Connect with us today at Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities area! We look forward to showing you we are your best choice in roofer for all your residential roofing needs. 

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