Can We Recycle Our Roofing Shingles?

If your Minneapolis home is ready for a roof replacement, it’s time to consider the recycling options that are available with Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows. Instead of taking up landfill space, the old shingles from your roof can be used as a component for road construction materials, reducing the energy input required for roads.

Fortunately, recycling options are opening up for most consumable products and provides numerous benefits for consumers, the economy, and the planet as a whole. As an additional bonus and reward for the carbon-conscious, recycling is often accompanied by cost savings.

roof replacement recyclingTurning Shingles into Road Pavement

Recycled shingles are able to replace up to 5% of traditional materials used for making new road pavement. Considering each old shingled roof left over from a roof replacement project contains approximately 3 to 4 tons of recyclable material, this source of reusable materials can significantly reduce the amount of raw materials required in road construction.

Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows makes a point to recycle over 80% of all shingles that we remove for every roof we work on. The preparation for recycling is similar to that of landfill disposal: shingles, felt, and nails can be grouped together for pickup.  Strong magnets later separate roofing nails from the shingles and felt; the nails are recycled, as well as the shingles and felt.

Recycling Benefits Consumers, the Economy, and the Planet

There are significant benefits to be obtained from recycling.  Its availability to all households and businesses makes it much easier for individuals, families, and businesses to implement the recycling of shingles, paper, plastic, metal, glass, batteries, etc. A partial list of the benefits to recycling include:

  • Energy Savings – Recycling uses far less energy than raw material manufacturing, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping reduce global warming.
  • Saves Landfill Space – When recyclable materials are kept out of landfills, the need for new landfill space is reduced.
  • Less Water Pollution – Recycling produces less bi-products than virgin material manufacturing – resulting in less pollution to water sources.
  • Protection of Wildlife – When materials are recycled, fewer raw materials are taken down from undeveloped land, leaving more habitat for wildlife.
  • Boost for the Economy – Many manufacturers require recycled materials to produce products at a reasonable cost.
  • A New Product Market – Recycled materials provide manufacturers and consumers more options for quality products.
  • A Large Number of Jobs – Over 1 million workers are employed in the U.S. recycling sector.
  • Financial Savings – Some recyclable materials can be sold; others, such as compost-able materials, can replace chemical fertilizers for plants around your home.

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For more than 40 years, the professionals at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows have been helping homeowners in the Minneapolis area meet all of their roofing replacement, repair, and remodeling needs. As GAF Master Elite contractors, you can count on us to have the know-how and expertise to replace your roof with care and recycle the materials responsibly.

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