4 Myths About Renovation: Know the Truth

When contemplating a roof replacement, a kitchen remodel, or paint, every Twin Cities homeowner should know the truth about renovation. There are lot of myths out there. Here are 4 of them and the truth about each.

PicMonkey CollageRenovation Myth #1: You should do it yourself or use your brother-in-law, the part-time handyman. With all the shows, websites, and apps out there, why not replace those bedroom windows yourself and save some dollars? The truth is simple: reading instructions on window replacement can’t substitute for the skill, tools, and knowledge of a trained carpenter. Mistakes in installation can be very costly, and so are specialty tools the average homeowner does not routinely have. Materials from a home center will be more expensive than those obtained by an contractor with established connections. Leave complex jobs for the professionals, and save money in the long run.

Renovation Myth #2: Trendy designs and colors are best. Remember orange aluminum siding from the eighties? The truth is no one would call it timeless and attractive to a prospective home buyer. Whatever the project, pick colors from a neutral palette and more traditional design. These have staying power as tastes and the design world change.

Renovation Myth #3: Permits and permission from the city or home owner’s association are rarely necessary. The truth is that many remodels, such as a new porch or bay window, need a permit from the local municipality. Check the Twin Cities regulations, or make sure your contractor has. In addition, home owner’s associations like to give permission on renovations. Explain the benefits and scope of all projects to the association to avoid conflict.

Renovation Myth #4: Remodeling trashes the house and throws the family schedule into chaos. The truth is that even a big job such as a kitchen renovation or roof replacement can be done with a minimum of mess and turmoil. A good contractor cordons off work areas and instructs his crew to leave things as clean as possible at the end of the day. He will also let you know when utilities will be off or when the driveway will be blocked with a dumpster.

At Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows in the Twin Cities area, we strive to debunk renovation myths. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff strives for excellent workmanship at a great price. Work is lifetime-guaranteed and done right the first time.

Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows for a complimentary estimate on roof replacement or home improvement.

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