Can You Replace Old Leaking Windows And Not The Siding?". Add to this task and Extensis

Can You Replace Old Leaking Windows And Not The Siding?

Can You Replace Old Leaking Windows And Not The Siding?". Add to this task and Extensis

Replacing old windows helps protect your home from leaks while also improving energy efficiency. When you have new windows put in, should you also have new siding installed at the same time? Knowing more about replacing windows and siding efficiently can help you make this decision.

Factors to Consider


Can you save money by only having your windows replaced? If cost is a concern, keep in mind that having windows and siding replaced at the same time can end up being more cost-effective in the long run due to improved energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling bills.


What happens if rotten spots are found when your windows are being replaced? These spots can make it easy for pests to get into your home and raise the risk of leaks. In this case, having deteriorated siding replaced is a good choice for protecting your home from water damage and pests.


If you leave your current siding in place, will it look good with brand new windows? This depends on how old your siding is and other factors, such as the style of windows you choose.

Benefits of a Whole House Exterior Remodel

Having your siding and windows done at the same time can help your home become more energy-efficient. A whole house exterior remodel can also give your home an updated look that improves its curb appeal.

New Siding Plus Insulation or House Wrap

When you have new siding installed, you have the option of also having insulation or house wrap added. This provides your home with even greater efficiency, since it keeps warm air inside during winter and cooler air inside when it’s hot out. With insulation or house wrap, new windows, and new siding, your home will be able to stay comfortable in all seasons.

New Windows for a Higher Home Value

Having new windows installed is a major investment for your home. Brand new windows offer improved energy efficiency and a fresh look that helps increase your home value. Combining window replacement with siding replacement and insulation can raise your home value even more.If you need to replace your windows and siding, please contact Midwest Roofing Siding and Windows for more information. We can install new windows and siding efficiently in order to keep your Twin Cities home dry and comfortable.

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