Roof Replacement & Weather Conditions: What You Need to Know

Minnesota and the Midwest can have storms that wreak havoc on our roofs throughout all of the seasons. Being prepared for the worst, and having a roof repair or replacement plan set up with a local contractor, is a great idea to save time and stress before your roof is damaged by a storm.

Blizzards and Loads of Snow

Heavy winters with lots of snow are expected in Minneapolis, but is your roof ready for it? After 5 feet of snow has accumulated on your roof, your roof is at risk of collapsing. However, the angle and degree your roof was built at can affect the amount of snow your roof can handle.If it looks like there’s too much snow on your roof, there probably is.

There are some snow removal techniques that can be done from the ground. Snow melters and extra long shovels are common to get snow off of your roof. But, if you don’t get around to snow removal soon enough, damage can occur quite easily and roof replacement may be necessary.


When thunderstorms hit in the Midwest, they hit hard. High speed winds can knock tall trees onto your roof, tree branches and other debris can be thrown around your property, shingles can go missing, strong hail can crack shingles, and heavy rains can cause leaks. After a heavy summer storm, take a walk around the perimeter of your home and look for anything that looks different on your roof. Call your roofing contractor to inspect the damage.

If an many shingles are missing and your roof’s underlayment is exposed, a roof replacement may be the most cost efficient option rather than paying for multiple, consecutive repairs. However, if only a few shingles are broken or cracked, a quick repair should get your roof back to good, functional condition.

After a heavy storm, you can be shaken up, especially if significant damage was done. Contacting a trusted contractor will help ease your concerns. Discuss what can be done with your roof before and after a storm with the Midwestern weather and roof experts at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities area.

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