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Once you’ve made the hard decision and picked GAF Timberline Shingles for your home, the choices aren’t over yet! The Timberline series actually comes with a variety of options, and it’s important to pick the one that’s right for your home, not just the most popular product. Here is a brief introduction to the six different products in the line.

GAF - sample-timb-ultra-new

GAF Timberline Ultra HD

Ultra HD Shingles

If you’re looking to increase the quality of your home, Ultra HD shingles provide additional protection.  These shingles are manufactured approximately 53% thicker than the average residential shingle, yet the cost to upgrade is pleasantly minimal.

The astounding thickness and beauty of these shingles will add security and curb appeal to your home.  They come in a variety of rich colors, from deep red to a striking charcoal black, as well as the more common beiges and browns.

HD Shingles

The standard HD shingles have been seen on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because they provide both value and performance. They offer a wood-shake look without breaking the budget. They come in a variety of HD color blends and their enhanced shadow effects only increase the wood-shake appearance.

Timberline American Harvest - Midnight Blus

Timberline American Harvest

American Harvest Shingles

American Harvest shingles are perfect for a home with more modern architectural style – or homes that are just looking for depth and texture.

With carefully balanced color variations and depth, the American Harvest Shingles are meant to complement your home’s current color scheme with a custom-designed color palette.

Like all Timberline© shingles, they’re more than decoration: they’re durable and rugged, with Advanced Protection© technology.

GAF Timberline_Natural_Shadow_Hunter_Green

Timberline Natural Shadow

Natural Shadow Shingles

The Natural Shadow line also offers top architectural style without putting too much pressure on the wallet. These shingles can boost your home’s resale value with an even-toned, wood-like appearance. This is a great option for a shingle with some depth and a more subtle effect.

They come in more muted colors than the HD© and Ultra HD© lines, but that’s the beauty of it: it doesn’t overstate.

Cool Series Shingles

Close up photo of GAF's Timberline Cool Series Antique Slate shingle swatch

Timberline Cool Series

The Cool Series shingle is a great specialty option available for those who want to create a more energy efficient house. These shingles are designed with special granules that naturally reflect heat from your home, decreasing the temperature in your attic.

In summer months, this can translate into big savings in terms of air conditioning costs.  The Cool Series Shingles have the ENERGY STAR© seal of approval and may qualify for a tax credit.

Note: For optimal energy efficiency, make sure attic insulation and ventilation are also up to par.

ArmorShield II Impact-Resistant Shingles

For homeowners who are concerned about hail storms and hail damage in the TwTimberline_Armor_Shield_II_Weathered_Woodin Cities region, GAF’s ArmorShield™ II Impact-Resistant Shingles may possibly be the best bet.

These have top wind performance, are impact resistant, and insurance companies love them.

Note: GAF Timberline© Ultra HD©, American Harvest©, HD©, Natural Shadow©, Cool Series, and ArmorShield™ II Roofing Shingles are copyrighted and trademarked names for types of shingle produced by GAF.

Local, Professional Advice

If you need more help deciding which GAF Timberline© Shingles are right for your home, contact Midwest Exteriors Plus. Locally owned for 40 years, we’re your Twin Cities remodeling experts.

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