Why Some Roofs Are Blown Off During A Wind Storm

Why Some Roofs Are Blown Off During A Wind Storm

Severe weather events like wind storms can cause serious roof damage. In some cases, the wind is strong enough to cause the roof to separate from the rest of the home entirely. If you’re concerned about the integrity of your roof or are considering roof replacement, it’s advised to contact a roofing professional for guidance. Take a few moments to learn more about what makes a roof vulnerable to wind and how the issue can be addressed.

Why Some Roofs Blow Off During Wind Storms

Shifts in air pressure can potentially cause a roof to lift and blow off. Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes are all capable of producing winds strong enough to do this. Any open door or window can create violent fluctuations in air pressure inside the home, sometimes resulting in the roof being pulled away. The condition of the roof also plays a role. Deteriorated homes in dire need of roof repair are more susceptible to uplift.

How To Prevent Your Roof From Being Blown Off

It’s advised for homeowners to keep doors and windows shut during severe weather to maintain consistent air pressure inside the home. When this pressure combines with the force of the wind outside, the roof can be pulled off completely. If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, consider investing in roof replacement. Upgrading your shingles to class D will help your shingles resist winds of up to 150 mph.

How Professionals Address The Problem

First, roofers will likely perform an extensive roof inspection to locate potential weak points in the roof. Wind clips may be needed to help secure the truss or rafters of the roof to the walls. Any gaps in the roof edge should be sealed as well. Roofing professionals will help with ongoing roof maintenance like gutter cleaning or shingle replacement to keep your roof in optimal condition.

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