How to Take Your Roof’s ROI to the Max

The business world well knows the value of a high return on investment (ROI). Most Twin Cities residents do not think of their house in such stark terms. Yet your investment in your home’s roof represents a major commitment. Getting the greatest ROI out of it could mean money in your pocket.

Curb Appeal

Remodeling projects are easily measured by the return you gain on the investment at the time you resell your house. The experts at Cost Vs. Value report a 68.8 percent ROI for a new roof. This places the project squarely in the middle of the trend line of remodeling projects, with a bathroom addition only garnering 53.9 percent of cost recouped and attic insulation providing a 107.7 percent ROI.

Consider, though: a roof may cost over $20,000, so recovering $14,000 of that is far more helpful than recovering $1,400 from a $1,300 insulation project. A new roof is a great investment if you are planning to sell and move in the next five to ten years. The roofers Twin Cities homeowners rely upon for new roofs know an attractive roof is a bargain.  

Long Life

You can invest $20,000 in a fiberglass-asphalt roof and then neglect it. Within 10 years you may be spending another $20,000 (or more) on a new roof. This yields a terrible ROI, spending $40,000 or more on two roofs in the time most Twin Cities homeowners will need only one. In fact, the best roofers Twin Cities property owners use routinely offer inspection and maintenance specifically to maintain value, guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty and extend the life of the roof.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your roof well beyond its warranty. Keep in mind this is professional repair and inspection, not you up a ladder wondering if you should go onto your roof (no, you should not!). Our trained roofers can check your shingle condition, look for signs of wear, and ensure flashing and caulk are adequately sealing your roof.

Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows can be more than just your roofing contractor. We can work with you to keep your roof performing at its peak efficiency, extending its life and helping you maximize your ROI. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help you.

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