A Garden Shed to Match Your Home

garden shed and types of windows

If you require additional space for your landscaping and gardening tools, a small garden shed may be in order.  For homeowners in the Twin Cities, there are two basic routes you may take: purchasing a ready-made structure, or building one from scratch.  Since starting a construction project can be daunting, we came up with a handy list of tools and materials to get you started on building a shed that will match your home. 



  • Layout Tools: Tape Measure, Square, Level, Builder’s Line, and Plumb Bob.
  • Power Tools: Miter saw & power drill.
  • Hand Tools: Hammer, hand saw, adjustable wrench, caulking gun.
  • General: Spade, ladder, wheelbarrow, and extension Cords.
  • Safety: Safety glasses, dust mask, gloves, and operating knowledge.


You may consider there are many different materials to use when building a garden shed – plastic, wood, and metal.  The composition material you choose should take into consideration the size, weight, and holding capacity that you require for your shed.  The type of siding should be dependent on what you have for siding on your home.

Cost & Details

Fortunately, even if you opt for high-quality building materials, your garden shed will still be an affordable project, just a tiny fraction of the investment attached to building a home or even a garage.  Of course, there are ways to amp up your garden shed, including:

Adding Electricity – This can come in handy. Lights will help keep everything visible when you are looking for the perfect tool to use.  Power outlets may be in order if you intend to use your garden shed for hobby crafts or minor carpentry tasks.

Adding Water – If you are looking into turning a portion of your garden shed into a potting shed to sprout your summer vegetables, having a working faucet will save you time and energy later on.

Adding Heat & Insulation – Just like a heated garage, having a heated garden shed is a luxury.  It is a way to ensure that the shed is usable throughout the long winter months in Minnesota. In-floor heating is a great option, since other types of heating elements may be an insurance concern. If you are planning on heating the shed, be sure to invest in adequate insulation.

Windows – Windows add a lot to small spaces, and may eliminate the need for adding electricity.  For types of windows, you can either opt for extremely functional windows – or ones that match your home.

For more information on picking the right materials to match your home, contact our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows, serving Minnetonka and the surrounding area.  We offer many types of windows, roofs, and sidings to suit your home improvement needs.

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