Is Your Home Secretly Leaking Heat?

Insulation under shingle roofingSaving energy and saving money are two topics that are of interest to homeowners. If you are a resident of Minneapolis, the winter months can mean big heating bills as you try to keep your home and family warm. One big problem that we see homeowners having is heat loss. When your home is leaking heat, your furnace needs to work even harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

What Causes Homes To Leak Heat?

There are a few primary causes, and most of them are a fairly easy fix. Keep your eyes out for these problems:

  • Windows and doors are a major source of heat lose. Doors and windows can warp over time creating a gap at the top or bottom, and old or non-existent weather stripping lets a lot of heat out and cold air in. Doing the “dollar test” can tell you if you need new weatherstripping.  Close the door or window on a dollar bill and if you can’t pull out the dollar, you are fine. If you can pull it out or if you see daylight through the gap, you need to fix it! Installing new weather stripping around doors and in windows can make a significant difference.
  • Single-pane windows are a definite problem. Installing energy-efficient windows with double or triple panes is a good investment, and will cut down on heat lose. Heavy drapes are another way to help retain heat, if you can’t afford new windows right now.
  • Plumbing and wiring can be a cause, especially in older homes. Check around plumbing and wiring carefully for gaps that can be causing drafts and leaks. Sealing them with spray foam, insulation, or caulking helps. Don’t forget about electrical outlets and switches which can let in cold air. Insert foam gaskets to insulate them.
  • Attic holes are another culprit. These are usually for accommodating pipes, ducts, and vents into your attic, but there can be gaps present that cause large amounts of heat to leak out. These should be sealed with spray foam or caulking.
  • Recessed lighting in insulated ceilings is another overlooked cause of heat leakage. High-heat flexible caulking can fix this.
  • Lack of insulation is another problem. If you have no, or insufficient, insulation underneath your shingle roofing, not only are you leaking heat, but you can also end up with ice build-up on your roof.  If you find your attic is poorly insulated, shingle roofing company Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows can help.


It is surprising how many ways heat can leak out of your home and let cold air in. Fixing these leaks can help keep your home comfortable all season long and save you money, too.

Insulation is a must if you want to save energy during a Minneapolis winter. Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to have a free inspection done of the insulation underneath your home’s shingle roofing.

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