Spring Cleaning Reminder: Check Your Insulation

blown in insulation

As the trees and flowers are beginning to show life once again, this is your golden opportunity to throw your door and windows open, inviting natural warmth and fresh air into your home.

Large windows and patio doors bring the effect of outside into your home. Baskets of flowers, cool colored linen drapes as well as pastel or neutral colored furniture and accessories will essentially serve to introduce an impression of a calm, light house – suitable for spring in Plymouth.

Some other things to include in spring preparation:

  • Inspect the caulking around your windows and doors: Your home is often affected by fluctuating temperatures, especially after a long season of extreme weathers. Cold climates usually cause the wood to shrink, with even the tiniest change being sufficient to break the protective seal surrounding your door and window frames.
  • Replace your HVAC filters: It is virtually impossible to enjoy the warmer, colorful spring unless you combat the allergens that come with it.
  • Check the insulation in your attic: although warm weather encourages Minnesotans to think of things besides energy efficiency, your cooling system will also need adequate insulation to function efficiently in the hot summer months.  Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows offers blown in insulation for homeowners looking for an easy, effective insulation.
  • Clean your cupboards: Cupboard interiors are neglected for most of the year. However, food remnants and dust build up slowly.  Take time this spring to clean out each cupboard, throwing away expired food and donating any unused items to a local charity.


If you are looking for help with your home improvement projects this spring, contact our team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows.  We offer interior and exterior home improvement services in Plymouth, Minnetonka, and the surrounding area.

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