Quick Tips for Starting A Roofing File

If you’re like many vehicle owners, you keep a file folder of important auto-related documents such as your insurance policy, warranty certificates, and maintenance and repair receipts.

Like a vehicle, a roof requires care that only a qualified professional can provide, so it makes sense to have a similar file for your roofing.

Benefits of Having a Roof Folder

Putting together a roofing folder and storing it somewhere handy makes it easier to keep up with necessary maintenance and repairs. It’s also invaluable when you have to file a warranty or homeowners’ insurance claim.

To help you get started, here are some tips about what to include in your roof folder:

  • Installation records. When you have a new roof installed, be sure to file all the related paperwork so you have a record of the specific shingle type and color, as well as the various accessories used in your roof system.
  • Warranty information. If your shingles are covered by a standard material warranty, you have a workmanship guarantee on repairs or a new installation, or you’ve invested in an extended roof system warranty from your shingle manufacturer, stow all the pertinent documentation in your roofing file too.
  • Insurance details. You’ll find it less stressful to deal with the insurance claim process in an emergency if you have all your paperwork right at your fingertips. With that in mind, put a copy of any policy sections that relate to your roof coverage, the declaration page and your insurance company contact info at the front of your roof folder.
  • Inspection reports. Annual inspections provide guidance on how to best care for your roof. Filing each inspection report makes it easy to refer to as you tackle recommended maintenance and repairs.
  • Maintenance and repair receipts. When you have the documentation of ongoing maintenance and repairs in order, it’s easier to keep track of your roof-related expenses. These receipts are also vital to show you’ve kept the roof in good repair if you have to file a warranty or insurance claim.
  • Roofing contractor details. Inside your folder cover, attach a note with the contact details of a trustworthy local roofer who offers 24-hour emergency service and has a skilled, rapid response team on staff.

For personalized advice about setting up a roofing file, or to schedule an inspection or other expert roofing services for your Twin Cities home, contact us at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows.

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