Smart and Simple Strategies to Make Your House Look Stunning

What makes a home look stunning? We often use the word to describe a handsome man or beautiful woman, but a house? Houses of all sizes and types can look stunning, including your own Twin Cities home, with the right touches by home improvement contractors.

Small House?

Keep landscaping in scale with your home, and provide a strong focal point, like a great entryway. When selecting new, fresh siding, consider changing up textures within the same color family, so you highlight a front gable in shingles while the rest of the home carries lapboard siding.

Concentrate on contrasting roof shingle, trim and siding colors to break up the different surfaces, fooling the eye into seeing more home than there actually is.

Cookie-Cutter House?

Perhaps your house is one of a dozen all built from the same blueprint. Differentiate your home and rise above the neighbors with some simple ideas helped along by Twin Cities home improvement contractors:

  • Re-side the house with top-quality James Hardie fiber cement siding that comes in several styles and textures; play around with a bold color palette to make the trim pop from the siding color
  • Eliminate those sore-thumb, down market plastic shutters; they fool no one and cheapen your exterior look
  • Replace one or two front windows with something dramatic, like a bow or bay window

Large House?

A large, rambling house begs for cohesiveness to avoid looking garish. Concentrate on clean, horizontal lines in fresh, new lapboard siding (James Hardie Artisan® siding is great for this). Keep trim and siding colors harmonious, not opposing each other. Indulge in deep shadow architectural shingles that help break up the large roof area.

Older House with Additions?

Embrace your heritage house that has a few generations of additions on it! Here a mix of replacement windows all in the same color and design family can highlight the unique room arrangement while still keeping the entire house unified.

As with a small house, variety in siding options can make your house look charming and stunning. Keep the roofing material all one tone and type, so the eye is drawn to the delightful mix of textures along the walls of your Twin Cities home.

To get the professional help your home needs to look absolutely stunning, we hope you will contact us at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows. We are home improvement contractors Twin Cities homeowners love to work with.

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