Summer Storm Season May Mean Emergency Roof Repair

bigstock-Damaged-House-From-Tree-1113138In 1904 a deadly tornado ripped through Minneapolis, killing 14 Minnesotans and causing enormous damage. While tornadoes may seem like rare events in Minnesota, we actually experience an average of 27 a year. Summer storm season, however, is not just about tornadoes. Your Minneapolis home’s roof can suffer hail damage and wind uplift, as well.

Asphalt Shingle Damage


If your Minneapolis home endured a recent major storm, look for these telltale signs of damage:

  • Actual Shingle Pieces on Your Lawn
  • Discolored or Unusually Pale Shingles Visible From the Ground
  • Gutters Clogged With Debris
  • Metal Flashing Loosened Around Roof Piercings and Chimney
  • Missing or Displaced Shingles

Another unsettling evidence of roof damage from a storm is water infiltration in your attic. Worse is seeing staining or water on your home’s ceilings.

What You Can Do

Only you can decide your comfort level when investigating your need for emergency roof repair. You may feel very comfortable and have experience in climbing on your roof, in which case you can purchase the largest tarp you can find and staple it up and over your ridge line (the highest straight line of your Minneapolis home’s roof). Staple only around the edges and try to avoid blocking the plumbing stacks (black plastic tubes venting your bathroom fixtures). Be careful; roofs are slippery and dangerous.

Your best and safest recourse, however, is to call a professional roofer, like Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, who has 24-hr. emergency roof repair services and can cover your roof for you. Clearly describe the damage you see, then contact your insurance company. Keep in mind others may be requesting the roofer’s services, too.

What a Professional Roofer Can Do

Working with your insurance company, a qualified roofer will assess damage not only to the asphalt shingles, but to the rolled material beneath it, and the sheathing beneath that.

From ridge vents to drip edge to chimney flashing, every part of your roof will be checked for damage. In some cases, the job may simply mean replacing shingles by carefully lifting shingles around the damaged area, removing the faulty pieces, and inserting color-matched replacements. Other emergency roof repair may require more extensive work, to be scheduled when a crew can devote a full day to the job.

Knowing ahead of time what to do and who to call for emergency roof repair is important; ask friends and colleagues, check the BBB for names of good local roofing contractors, and have their number at hand, just in case. Use care in selecting a roofer for emergency roof repair; by using a local vendor with strong community roots, you avoid storm chasers who may leave the job incomplete.

Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, a Minneapolis area family-owned business, offers immediate, appropriate help with their Rapid Response Team. Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows if your home’s roof suffers damage.

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