How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

choose the right roofing contractor for your home.

How do you ensure that you choose the right contractor?  Many homeowners have a hard time determining who to trust with their home remodeling projects – and their pocketbooks.  Here are five questions to ask yourself to help make the right choice: Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor”

Lead Renovation Project in Mound, MN

The Project:

Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows recently finished a lead renovation project in Mound, MN.  This was a home that was built before 1978 and needed a complete lead renovation.  The customer called us for roof replacement and siding replacement.  We worked with the customer to find out their needs and brought it to life.

Steel Siding & Asphalt Roofing

Lead Safety Practices:

Because the home was built before 1978 we needed to follow the EPA’s guidelines for renovation with lead involved.  The home was tested positive for lead.  Lead is not an issue unless it is flaking and peeling off, however when replacing siding we need to protect the outside of the home.  In order to do this we lay out tarps from the house to collect any and all siding and paint chips from hitting the ground.  Doing this doesn’t take much more time, it is the right thing to do!  Plus, when we are all done the homeowner’s landscaping looks the same as when we started.

When the siding is removed we wrap up the pieces with a sheet of poly(commonly used on the inside of a home) to wrap up the siding.  Doing this ensures that no lead will fall into the yard while transporting the garbage to the dumpster.  After all the siding is removed we then clean up the area with a HEPA vacuum.  After everything is cleaned up we do testing to make sure that the area is free from lead.


On this home, Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows installed steel siding from Edco and an asphalt roof from GAF.  Work was completed very quickly and the homeowner was very pleased.

Roofing Customer Testimonial

Roofing Customer Testimonial

Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Roof work completed: April 26, 2012
Skylights completed: May 21, 2012

We were more than pleased with the work provided to us by Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows.  From the initial start with Dennis coming to our home to measure for a new roof and replacement skylights, every aspect of the job was done professionally and in a very timely matter.

Matt, the project manager called and came out to make sure everything was going as expected and made sure that we knew what the city inspector required for our home.  He also did a final check after Mike, the service manager, did some inside work on the skylights.  Mike did an excellent job of adding trim to the inside of the windows and Matt even offered to touch up the paint on some scratched areas of our siding.  Thank you both!

But the best were the workers that did the re-roofing! Listening to the radio, the forecast was possible rain, because of this I did not expect them until I heard a truck about 6:30am.  I told them that it might rain and the worker went to get his manager that whipped out his phone and showed me hour by hour that no rain was expected…and he was right!

The roofers were so professional , working very hard with a large crew.  No music blaring, very little talking and all were there to work!  The cleanup was very good and we found very few nails on the ground after they left.  In fact, it seemed as thought they had a person cleaning up the whole time they were here.

We will definitely call Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows when we have work that is needed and will recommend them to others in the future.

Thank you, Midwest!

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