Behind The Scenes Of The Cost To Replace Your Siding


One popular way homeowners are improving the comfort and curb appeal of their home is by installing new siding. Over time, your home’s siding will show signs of cracking or warping, allowing gaps to form which can reduce your home’s insulating abilities. These gaps can allow for water to potentially enter and create an environment for mold to grow. Pests can also get into these gaps too and find their way into your house. When you start seeing issues like these it’s recommended to contact a trusted siding company right away for a consultation. If you’re thinking it’s about time to replace your siding, review some of the factors involved in estimating the price.

Home Size and Accessibility

A major contributing factor to the overall price of siding replacement comes down to the size of your home. The cost of the siding materials itself is calculated from the square footage of each wall. Multi-story homes will require more labor, equipment, and time. Home design, too, plays a role in the cost of siding installation as more complex features such as eaves or porches will require more labor. Having plenty of space to work unimpeded will help move things forward, saving you money. To improve accessibility, consider removing items you may have stored against the side of your house.


Another thing to consider is permits and inspections are often mandatory when modifying a building. Sometimes state or local laws can be difficult to keep up with and this is why it’s often a good idea to let a trusted contractor handle the details. Failing an inspection or not having the right building permit can result in fines or even having the project shut down entirely. Professionals will be familiar with all the rules in the area you live and what obligations they have in regards to building codes, permits, and ordinances.

Siding Material

The three main materials used to manufacture siding are aluminum, vinyl, and engineered wood. These materials all have a range of pros and cons along with different price points to consider. Some of the most expensive siding options like stucco or natural stone also tend to have the best insulating properties, ultimately saving you money on heating and cooling over time. Other materials include steel, fiber cement, and brick. Vinyl siding is probably the most popular for its affordability and durability, however there are a myriad of styles and colors available so be sure to browse all the options before making a decision. Not all siding materials are suited for every environment, so it’s important to discuss the best options with a professional before making any major purchase.


A level underlayment is often needed to successfully install new siding. Sometimes, new siding can be installed directly onto the old material, but it depends on the material. Most of the time this underlayment is composed of rigid, moisture resistant polystyrene foam.

Seasonal Factors

The time of year you invest in siding installation will also affect the price. Typically, demand reaches its peak in the summer and fall months. Weather conditions can play a major role in how work progresses as well. It’s often best to schedule the installation several months ahead of time and work around major holidays which could impact the project.

Maintenance and Warranty

Professional companies guarantee their work. A warranty protects the integrity of your investment, potentially saving you thousands in future maintenance costs. This is why a siding installation should always be done by experienced professionals. By employing experts, you’ll be saving yourself a great deal of money and frustration in the long run. Installing new siding is a major way to increase a home’s resale value, so it makes sense to do whatever possible to ensure the quality of the work. Take your time to locate a local siding installation company who meets certain criteria and provides a guarantee for their work. Look for companies who have received awards or accolades for their work. Also, ask about additional incentives or maintenance programs they may offer their customers to extend the lifespan of your siding. By taking into consideration factors like these, you will be able to make a more informed decision about your siding replacement which works with your budget. Get expert guidance with your home siding installation in the Twin Cities with Midwest Roofing, Siding, and Windows. For over 45 years our team has worked to provide the right siding solutions for our valued customers. Call us today to schedule a consultation and we’ll walk you through the entire process.

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