Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows BLOG - The Rise of Fiber Cement Siding: How It's Changing the Game in Home Construction

The Rise of Fiber Cement Siding: How it’s Changing the Game in Home Construction

The Rise of Fiber Cement Siding: How it’s Changing the Game in Home Construction

Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows BLOG - The Rise of Fiber Cement Siding: How It's Changing the Game in Home Construction

Fiber cement siding. Many homeowners have no idea that it exists or how it might benefit them. Most homeowners know all about vinyl siding, wood shakes, and metal paneling (among other common types of siding). However, as construction technology evolves rapidly, fiber cement siding is gaining popularity quickly. So, what is it exactly?

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Portland cement + sand/ash + water + wood pulp = fiber cement. The formula sounds simple enough. However, it takes a highly trained expert to figure out the right combination of each element to ensure the final product accomplishes the objective of conformity to industry standards. Today, fiber cement can be manufactured to achieve a wide range of styles, including wood, shingle, stone, or brick, and unlimited colors. Fiber cement represents the wave of the future in siding.

What Benefits Does Fiber Cement Siding Provide To Homeowners? 14 Helpful Advantages

What homeowner doesn’t want to improve their home’s perceived or actual value? Fiber cement achieves this goal. How? It won’t fade easily. It has extended longevity. It provides a great ROI.

People love new. New cars. New phones. New technology. This material is highly adaptable to conform to the latest styles, including vertical planks, curved shakes, geometrics, and shiplap.

Choices. We all want them. We don’t want sameness. Sameness is boring. Fiber cement represents variety. Its style, pattern, and color can be tailored to fit your unique preferences.

Who doesn’t want to save a buck? Fiber cement can be supplemented with insulation to provide an extra layer of protection against draftiness and stuffiness. You enjoy lower HVAC costs.

Most homeowners want to promote environmental responsibility in their buying decisions. This material siding reflects a concerted effort by manufacturers to encourage eco-friendly practices.

Because of its enhanced durability and weather resistance, the average fiber cement siding lasts between 30 and 50 years (or longer). It should be the last siding you will ever need.

Fiber cement has a Class 1A Fire Rating. No other siding material has a higher rating. If you reside in an area prone to wildfires, you can rest assured that it won’t catch fire.

For many types of siding, such as vinyl, hail resistance is not the greatest. Fiber cement is known for repeatedly withstanding harsh weather conditions, including hail, without damage.

Mix and match. Sometimes, a homeowner wants to combine multiple styles of siding to create a unique masterpiece. This siding enables you to accomplish that objective.

Who wants to spend several precious days each summer performing maintenance and upkeep on their siding? Fiber cement does not require the effort to maintain as other siding materials.

This siding is known for its extended durability and longevity. Its color does not fade easily. If a change is desired, it can usually be painted (or even touched up with paint.)

Unlike other siding materials, this material is known to keep pests from penetrating the surface. Insects (including bees and termites), rodents, and birds won’t find a home in your home.

Price point impacts buying decisions. Fiber cement isn’t the “cheapest.” But by no means is it the most expensive. It is reasonably priced and offers extraordinary value for the price paid.

Fiber cement siding is impervious to water. This benefit provides peace of mind for homeowners seeking a meaningful way to stop moisture intrusion from impacting a home’s interior spaces.

Who Can A Homeowner Hire To Install Fiber Cement Siding?

At Midwest Siding, Roofing, and Windows, we use fiber cement siding, including James Hardie, the unquestioned leader in fiber cement siding. Our commitment to serving the siding needs of homeowners enables us to provide unmatched craftsmanship and siding products. We change lives, one siding installation at a time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.

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