The Beautiful GAF Shingle

GAF Timberline American Harvest Appalachian Sky asphalt shingle

GAF – Quality You Can Trust… North America’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer™. Most roofing contractors would agree: GAF products are great to work with. Learn more about this great company.

Asphalt Shingles by GAF

The asphalt shingles manufactured by GAF stand in a category of their own – durable, beautiful, and long-lived, they grace the tops of many homes throughout the Maple Grove area. Asphalt roofing systems are the predominantly popular product for steep slope roofing. GAF is dedicated to creating, maintaining, and improving their shingles systems to provide some of the best and most affordable products today.

Varieties of Shingles

GAF offers many different styles, shapes, sizes, designs, and colors – but the key to their shingles is the basic recipe they use:

Fiberglass Mat – This is a mixture of a binder with glass fibers provides increased strength and helps to prevent cracking.

Asphalt – GAF’s special asphalt formula is applied to and permeates the fiberglass mat.

Granules – Made up of quarried stone and processed into small ceramic coated granules, this layer’s main role is for weather resistance.  It also dictates the color of the shingle – developed by the GAF design team.

Adhesive – This final component is activated by the heat of the sun.  It will meld the individual shingles to each other to form one unified system. A sealant protector/film is used to keep the adhesive from activating while stored.

Altogether, this recipe has proven to have superior strength and durability.  Shingles from GAF are resistant to cracking, splitting, and stand up well to extreme cold and heat. The design, colors, and cuts of a GAF roof will ad value and aesthetic appeal to your home. When it comes to choosing a style of GAF shingle, think of the visual appeal that will compliment your home that fits within your budget!

Contact the team at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to learn more about the great options available to you.

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