Top Picks for Midwest Siding Colors

When it comes time to select a color for your home exterior siding, it’s usually more of a challenge than picking out a new living room paint color. Chalk it up to the longevity—you know your siding and trim is something that’s going to stick around for a while.

Pick a Color that Will Last

Depending on the type of siding you have on your home, one of the first concerns when choosing an exterior color is whether it will hold its vibrancy over time.  By utilizing quality paints or products (such as the James Hardie siding’s ColorPlus® Technology, for example), you can trust that your home will resist damaging UV rays. Your home siding color will last longer and look brighter.

Choose a Classic Color

You can opt for cream-colored or classic white siding, which is a standard for many Minnesota architectural home styles. Or you can also go with the newest trendy staple—the gray family.  These ashy colors offer a more modern design style that can even make a home look larger.

Choosing this color family would also put you in the “in” crowd. Gray siding hues not only peak as the national home siding trendiest colors, but are also all the rage in the Twin Cities region.

Here are the top three color combinations that are both classic and streamlined:

The hue: Light Gray

Many Minnesotans have embraced a beautiful light gray trifecta, including this example of Pearl Gray siding, accent and trim.

With this color scheme, you have a muted appearance that is perfect for home in suburban developments. It is a great tone for modern architectural styles and suits a variety of personal tastes.

The hue: Arctic White

When it comes to white siding, Minnesotans prefer the same color as James Hardie’s Arctic White.

Although white may not be the first pick of many homeowners because of its tendency to show dirt, it can be a great option for old-style homes, or owners who are willing to take care of their siding by cleaning once or twice a year.

This cleaning can simply take the form of washing down with water or a very mild detergent, and is the project of an afternoon or two.

White works well with any decor style, and can be accented with white trim – or something a little darker for different effects.

The hue: Gray Slate

Many homes in Maple Grove and the surrounding area are tending to prefer a darker Gray Slate for the main siding color.  This color is sharp and very striking, and looks best when paired with light gray or white accent and trim color choices.

…And So Much More

Though these may be the most popular siding color combinations in our area, there are so many more looks you can choose from. Speak with one of our consultants at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows to design your own color combinations from a main siding color, to the trim, to any accents. Selecting your new home siding hues just got a little easier.

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