Practical Tips for Soundproofing Your Twin Cities Home

Are you plagued by noise in your Twin Cities home and interested in knowing how to soundproof it? At Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows, we are often asked about soundproofing as we are a Twin Cities area contractor with a great deal of experience in that area. Here are some of the most effective soundproofing tips that will help you become more comfortable.

Plug the Noise

The best way to prevent noise from coming into your Twin Cities home is to find out if there are openings around your doors and windows where it might be coming in and then plug them. Check the seals and frames around your windows and doors and then have a Twin Cities area contractor repair them if they are substandard. You should also:

  • Seal Outlets and Switches With Foam
  • Insulate Exterior Pipes and Vents
  • Add Weather Stripping to Exterior Doors


Add Insulation

The next step toward soundproofing involves having a Twin Cities area contractor add extra insulation or foam to your exterior walls. These materials tend to absorb sound and can effectively lower noise levels as much as ten decibels when properly placed. On interior walls, you can add acoustic foam panels with spray adhesive to help keep noise levels at bay.

Double Walls and Drop Ceilings

If you are really serious about eliminating sound from your home, consider having a Twin Cities area contractor like Midwest Exteriors add double walls and drop ceilings. This lowers the amount of noise coming in considerably, since sound now has to travel through more than one layer of material. For the best results possible, you should use materials such as:

  • QuietRock, a type of drywall designed to absorb sound
  • An absorbing compound, such as Green Glue, which converts sound energy to heat energy that can easily be absorbed.
  • Soundproofing mats beneath your carpeting

All of these methods can be very effective at reducing noise levels inside your home. Making these changes will allow you to enjoy more peace and solitude, which in turn can enhance your quality of life significantly.

At Midwest Exteriors, we can help you address your noise problem with the best insulation solutions for you. We can also take care of all your exterior needs – roofing,windows, and siding. Contact Midwest Roofing, Siding and Windows today.

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