What Do I Need to Know About Gutters and Why Do I Care?

What Do I Need to Know About Gutters and Why Do I Care?

Gutters are easy to overlook. Many homeowners rarely think about their gutters until they have an issue with them. But paying closer attention to your gutters early on has some big advantages. You can leave the hard work of gutter installation and repair to the professionals. However, it is important to cover the basics about what you need to know about gutters and how to maintain them.

What Do Gutters Do?

Think of gutters as a protective mechanism for your home. They gather all the water which drains from your roof and deposit it safely on the ground below. Gutters prevent water from pooling on the edge of the roof, running down your siding, or washing all the mulch out of your garden beds.

A properly designed gutter system with adequate downspouts deposits the water far from your home’s foundation. (Downspouts are the vertical gutters often seen on the corners of a home.) This design helps keep your foundation dry, which prevents structural damage.

What Happens Without Good Gutters?

Without properly functioning gutters, you may notice the edges of your roof begin to peel and rot due to water damage. You may also see stains and streaks where water has run down your siding. If you have a basement or crawlspace, you may notice it becomes moist and humid. This moisture, in turn, could lead to mold growth and insects.

How Do You Care for Gutters?

Leaves and other debris tend to build up inside gutters. This debris can block the flow of water. Clean your gutters twice a year to maintain an adequate flow of water.

If you see water flowing over the sides of gutters, they are likely clogged and need to be cleaned. Consider having gutter guards installed. These plastic or metal grates fit over the top of gutters. They keep leaves out to prevent future blockages.

If you see any holes in your gutters, or if a downspout comes unattached, contact a local roofing company for repairs before the next storm. If your gutters are badly damaged, you might be better off having them replaced. Modern, seamless aluminum gutters are stylish, long-lived, and easy to install.

Gutters exist to protect your home, but they need a little help to keep doing their job well. If your gutters look a bit worse for wear, contact Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities. Our experienced roofers are happy to help.

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