When Is It Time To Replace Your Roof?

When facing roof replacement, Minneapolis homeowners may hope to buy some time. This is completely understandable, since few household budgets have the flexibility to afford a new roof. Learn a few vital signs to help you decide when the time is right to replace your roof. As with all roofing concerns, we at Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows Inc. strongly caution homeowners from going onto the roof for any first-hand investigation.


If you just celebrated your asphalt-shingle roof’s 20th birthday, you should start budgeting and shopping for a new roof now. When considering shingle roof replacement, Minneapolis homeowners must first consider the roof’s age. If you had the original roof installed two decades ago, your roof’s days are numbered.


If you find evidence of water leaks (ceiling stains, high humidity, black mold), you may need a new roof. Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows Inc. can make temporary roof repairs, but only with roof replacement will Minneapolis property owners know their roof is fully water resistant.


When asphalt shingles lose a lot of their chemicals, the tabs tend to keystone, or change shape so the spaces between tabs opens up. The keystone shape is your signal that the shingles are drying out, losing their water resistance, and in need of replacement.


When you or a reliable professional cleans your home’s gutters, granules from the shingles are a sign of diminishing life. The more granules your roof loses, the less water resistant it is.


A sure sign of roof replacement Minneapolis homeowners need to watch for is missing or damaged shingles. Additionally, curling or buckling in the shingles also indicates minimal life remaining. Cracked or split shingles, or any shingle damage of any kind, allows water infiltration. Shingles only resist water when they overlap, forming a complete blanket of protection across your roof.


Whether from moss, algae or ultraviolet exposure, changes in the color of your roof usually signal decreasing lifespan. Moss can also let moisture migrate under the shingles and into the underlayment and sheathing. Algae can cause cloud-like areas of dark stains, which most homeowners find unappealing, while constant exposure to sunlight can make dark shingle colors fade.

If your shingles simply look old and worn, Minneapolis homeowners have come to trust Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows Inc. for reliable, careful work and roof replacement. Contact our offices today so we can help determine a timeline for your roof replacement.

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