What A Gutter Warranty Covers & Why You Should Care

 What A Gutter Warranty Covers & Why You Should Care

What A Gutter Warranty Covers & Why You Should Care

As one of the Twin Cities’ best roofers, we can say with certainty: never replace your Twin Cities home’s roof without getting a strong warranty. But can you get a warranty for new seamless gutters, too? Sure! A gutter warranty is valuable insurance offered by select gutter installation services. 

What are Warranties?

Warranties are written guarantees separate from any contract for services or goods they support. Both “warranty” and “guarantee” come from the same Anglo-Norman French root and offer legal protection to you, the buyer. 

You can get warranties on just about any product or service; always do your homework to partner with a reliable, local contractor able to offer good warranties. 

Manufacturers’ Warranties

Manufacturers such as PlyGem offer warranties against manufacturing defects for their products. PlyGem, maker of the heavy, beautifully finished metal coils used by gutter installers to form seamless gutters, offers a 20-year warranty on their coils. They also offer warranties on their gutter protection systems. 

Not all seamless gutters are created equal. Ask your neighborhood gutter installation service if it can offer strong manufacturers’ warranties. The paperwork accompanying your completed contract and installation is valuable, so be sure to store your PlyGem warranty in a safe place for the next two decades! 

Workmanship Warranties

Exceptional local contractors sometimes—rarely—offer warranties on their own work. They have the experience and confidence to know they can install beautiful seamless gutters so well, their installation will not fail you. 

For example, Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows offers a two-year workmanship warranty. If the gutters Midwest installs on your Twin Cities-area home fail due to installation errors in those two years, Midwest will handle all the labor costs to repair or replace the gutters, free of charge. 

The two-year warranty offers complete protection, since any errors in measuring, cutting, joining, and attaching your seamless gutters and downspouts will readily show themselves through those eight seasons. 


Some skeptical homeowners may wonder if warranties on gutters really matter. Yes, they do. The cost to install custom-built seamless gutters cannot be ignored, and the warranty protections are spelled out in exacting legal language. 

Both your manufacturer’s warranty (from PlyGem) and workmanship warranty (from Midwest) are useful, valuable protections you should insist on having. Midwest Roofing Siding & Windows in the Twin Cities of Minnesota offers exterior home services from roofing, siding, and replacement windows to gutters. Contact us today to see how we can boost your home’s curb appeal with beautiful seamless gutters.

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