Winter Weather Advisory: Check Your Windows!

Snowflake-icon (1)Replacement Windows in Winter?

Many homeowners in Eden Prairie and the Twin Cities area believe that late spring or summer are the best times of year to for repair or replacement of their windows … before the cold temperatures and winds of winter arrive. Although there are several benefits to completing maintenance projects in the warmth of summer, window replacement in winter is not difficult. In fact, you can have greater success with finding evidence of window inefficiency during winter because of the extreme temperature differences and the effect it has on your indoor comfort.

Frosted Replacement Window NeededWindy Days

When the weather outside is blustery, cold air will push through any cracks, holes or broken seals. Stand near a window and listen for air whistling or other sounds that suggest outside air is infiltrating your home. You will also be able to feel the cold draft that comes through the minuscule, unseen cracks.

Frosty Appearance

Sometimes evidence of gaps and poor energy efficiency is not immediately obvious. Chipped or bubbled paint, cracked or rotted window frames or sashes, broken seals and condensation, fog, mold or frost on interior glass surfaces or between panes are all evidence that it’s time to consider investing in replacement windows.

Single Panes

It’s also time to replace the older single-pane windows, which provide very little buffer against the cold. The latest double- and triple-pane glass technologies, also known as double or triple glazing, are exponentially better at conserving energy and reducing heating costs. They insulate and block out the cold with a buffer of dead air or argon located between two or three panes of glass.

Double and triple glazed windows also offer the most efficiency when cooling a home in summer. Typically, energy-efficient window provide additional benefits as well, such as superior soundproofing and interior protection against harmful UV radiation. Fortunately, these types of replacement windows are much easier to install, no matter the season.

Cold Glass

You should immediately invest in replacement windows if one or more windows feel extremely cold when you touch the interior glass. Although this problem is more typical of single-pane windows, it can happen with any type or style of window. Cold interior glass on double- and triple-pane windows usually indicates broken seals, manufacturing defects or poor installation.Additionally, run your hands around the frame and across the glass, grilles, if applicable, and sash to feel for a difference of temperature.

At Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows we believe that ENERGY STAR double- and triple-pane windows are the best type for reducing winter heating costs and maintaining indoor temperatures in Eden Prairie, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and other area cities.

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