The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Insulation

attic insulation worst adviceMost homeowners in the Maple Grove area are actively searching for a means to reduce their utility bills.  Since adding attic insulation is a great way to accomplish this task throughout the year, its a preferred choice for anyone seeking a quick return on their home improvement investment. In some cases, however, do-it-yourself minded homeowners have been known to make some pretty serious (and costly!) mistakes, perhaps after receiving bad advice from a well meaning friend or neighbor. 

Installation Mistakes Are Surprisingly Common


Bad Advice #1: “Don’t put vents near your insulation – it will ruin it!”

We cringed when we heard this one… As it turns out, many homeowners, when installing batt insulation in their attics, roll it all the way to the eaves without any soffit vents for proper ventilation.  This is a perfect recipe for mold and mildew, and even rot on your joists.

Bad Advice #2: “Just throw in the attic insulation.”

There should always be some prep work involved!  Maybe you’ve seen a bathroom or kitchen fan that delivers mysterious falling particulates at times. Often this occurs when someone mistakenly covers up the fan exhausts while installing attic insulation.
warning sign for insulation installation

Bad Advice #3: “Attic joists make great footholds.”

Ok so no one probably actually says this – but many homeowners have found themselves in the hospital for trying to roll out some insulation while carefully balancing on the joists! Staying safe is also all too often overlooked. Imagine you’ve been given advice about how to carefully roll out batt insulation between the joists while carefully balancing yourself to avoid falling through the ceiling. Maybe trained acrobats could manage, but for the rest of the population, skipping the step of laying out perpendicular flooring to complete your task safely is not a good way to save time.

Professionals Help Get the Job Done Right

For the homeowners who insist on installing their own attic insulation – do your homework, and get the job right the first time!  However, instead of putting yourself and your home at risk, hiring a contractor with an excellent reputation will allow you to relax while knowing you’ll still be able to recover your investment rapidly through reduced utility bills.

The attic insulation we stand by is easily and affordably installed, and will protect your home for years to come.

In the Maple Grove area, Midwest provides friendly, professional service to homeowners in need of insulation, roofs, siding, windows and more. Contact our team today and be assured that your job will be done right the first time.

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