1. Protect Home
2. Tear off the roof
3. Remove and replace any and all rotten roof sheathing throughout entire roof area.
4. Install new leak barrier underlayment to 2 feet past heated wall on  roof surface.

*Options To Decide

Install 15 lb felt or higher

*Options To Decide

6. Install new VELUX, self-flashed, all in one tempered glass hurricane rated, leak proof skylights over existing openings, fastened and sealed where applicable.

*Options To Decide
7. Install new lead boots over plumbing stacks, fastened and sealed, where applicable.
8. Install new vents over kitchen, dryer, and bathroom exhaust openings, fastened and sealed, where applicable.
9. Install new valley metal down all valley areas, fastened and sealed where applicable.

*Options To Decide
Paint furnace flue to match shingle color where applicable.

11. Install special high wind resistant starter-strip shingles at perimeter of roof area, fastened and sealed.

*Options To Decide
12. Shingle entire roof area.

*Options To Decide
13. Install special high wind resistant, ridge cap shingles at all crown and hip areas, fastened.

*Options To Decide
14. Install new Shingle Ridge Vent or Bird-Proof Metal Vent to achieve proper attic ventilation.

*Options To Decide
15. Clean up and remove all debris. Use magnet to remove fasteners from lawn.
16. One of our certified inspectors will do a full inspection of the roof.


Optional Workmanship warranty from the manufacturer over and above Midwest Exteriors Plus workmanship warranty

*Options To Decide