Hail Damage to Metal & Shingle Roofs in Minneapolis

Hail is a force of nature that has effects that are both seen and unseen. You can see the damage hail makes quite easily on your car, but not always so easily on your roof.


Factors That Determine Hail Damage

How do you know if your roof is hail damaged or not?

Hail in Minneapolis, Hail Damage to roof, Roof Repair from hail damage

There are a number of factors that determine how much damage hail does. The three main factors are the

  • Size
  • Density
  • Force of the hail hitting your home, business, car, or anything else found outside during a storm.

Hail can range in size from the less than ¼ inch to the over 5 inches diameter, larger than a softball!

But, the size of the hailstone is not the only factor when assessing the damage a hailstorm can cause to a roof.  The density of a hailstone is affected by the number of times the initial rain droplet rises and falls through the cold updrafts of the atmosphere creating a ball of multi-layered ice, before pelting down to beat on your roof.  Tossed about in the atmosphere, the size and density of the hailstone are now under the influence of the winds generated by the storm.  How hard that hailstone hits your roof and the damage it inflicts will be significantly influenced by those winds.

Think of the difference you would feel being hit by an ice cube thrown by a 4 year old and being hit by that same ice cube thrown by a Minnesota Twins pitcher throwing their fastball!

The Impact of Hail on Shingles & Siding

Hail damage to shingle roof in Minneapolis

Getting hit with hail can cause bruising of the shingle, causing loss of granules, exposing the roofing material below and shortening the life of your roof. Bruising can also take the form of cracking the fiberglass membrane, allowing water to seep into your home. A leak created by this cracking may not show up right away, but as other rain storms move through the area its effects will appear.

Hail damage to siding will leave divots or holes all the way through. If your vinyl siding looks like it has been damaged by hail, we can help. We will walk you through the insurance claims process and help you get your home back to the way it was before the storm, or even better. We want your hail damage claim to be as headache-free as possible.

Take Notes About the Storm

When a hail storm hits it’s a good idea to take a few notes. Details that can help are things like the storm’s duration, the size of the hail, and the wind direction. If possible, take pictures, some general and some with a size reference – a hailstone next to a penny, ruler, golf ball, etc.

Inspecting Your Roof for Hail Damage – What to look for…

On The Roof

If you do decide to climb a ladder to check your roof, the first thing you should look for are granules that have not yet washed down your guttering.  You should also look to see where those granules have come off the shingles. Areas that show granule loss will have an exposed “fresh” looking shingle substrate where that area has not yet been weathered by the sun. Larger hailstones can produce dents or visible damage points in shingle roofs’ surfaces. Signs of hail damage can be as subtle as a small dimple in a few shingles.

On The Ground

There are a few effects of hail impact on your roof that may be seen from the ground. Among the signs to look for after a storm has rolled through your area are granules from your shingles that have washed off your roof and down your drain spout. Look at objects that were outside your home that might show hail damage – your car, plants, etc. Take a look around your neighborhood



Call the Professionals

If you suspect damage it is best to have your roof checked by reputable roofing professionals. At Midwest Roofing, Siding & Windows we have the experience and training to determine the level of hail damage your roof has suffered and help you in its recovery.

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